They Pour Salt In A Balloon, I’m Trying This Quick Trick At My Next Party

Simple party tricks are a great way to impress your guests or win a friendly wager. This video shows a clever way to inflate a balloon without using you mouth, lungs, or even a balloon blower. All you need to blow up a balloon are two everyday household items: a bottle of coke and some table salt.

Not planning on having a party any time soon? No worries. This trick is easy and fun enough to try when nobody is looking, or as science experiment to do with kids. The video gives step-by-step instructions on how to pull off this magical maneuver, starting by pouring salt in a deflated balloon. Then you stretch the mouth of the balloon around the bottle top without spilling any of the salt into the coke. Tip the balloon up and dump the salt in the brown cola below and watch the instant reaction. The salt and the soda interaction creates a foamy fountain that rapidly fills the once-deflated balloon. It’s as simple as that! Try it with your friends or your kids and let us know how it goes.