Mom Gets Kicked Out Of Burger King For Breast-Feeding Her 12 Year Old Son In Front Of Customers



An Arizona mother is outraged after she was asked to leave a Phoenix area Burger King restaurant. Patricia Lawrence, 41, and her 12-year-old son Andrew, were eating lunch at the fast food establishment when her son mentioned to her, “Mommy I’m thirsty.” According to the patrons around her, Lawrence told her son, “Come here honey and I’ll feed you” then proceeded to lift up her shirt. That’s when the preteen latched on and began his ‘feeding.’

“I was outraged, just outraged!” said Courtney Haeckel who was sitting at the table next to them. “You just don’t do that. He’s a grown boy. I mean, I’m looking at them and it was just incestuous. Is he really thirsty, or just enjoying it? That’s a sick (expletive) family!”

Haeckel snapped a photo of the incident and immediately posted it on Facebook with the title, “Can you believe this sh*t!” It received over 100,000 comments in just two hours. Most of the comments negative, saying that Child Protective Services should be called on the family and the boy should be taken away and put into foster care. Others support the mother’s decision to breast-feed her child saying, “It’s a natural thing to do. There’s nothing better than mother’s breast milk for the health of your child.”

Lawrence says she will never return to Burger King again. She made it very clear that if they don’t accept her lifestyle, she refuses to support their business with her money. She said her and her son will eat at McDonald’s from now on, but she refuses to hide the choice to breast-feed her child. What do you think? Should Lawrence be allowed to breast-feed her son in public? Share and comment your thoughts.