Right In The Middle of the Surfing Competition He’s Pulled Under. This Terrifying Shark Attack Is ALL Caught on LIVE Television…

Australian surfing champion Mick Fanning had been training for this moment for months. He knew that the worse that could happen at the J-Bay surf competition in South Africa was a wipe out or two. He never anticipated to be attacked by a shark.

Right in the middle of the competition, streaming live on Fox news, Mike was sitting on his board waiting for the perfect wave. As the camera zoomed in on him and spectators watched in anticipation, a fin slowly creeped up behind him. Before he knew it, he was pulled under by an aggressive shark.

According to Mashable, Mick told, “It came up and got stuck in my leg rope. I instantly just jumped away. It kept coming at my board and I was kicking and screaming. I just saw fins. I didn’t see teeth. I was waiting for the teeth to come at me. I punched it in the back.”

Needless to say, the #JBayOpen was called off for the rest of the day after the deputy commissioner confirmed two sharks in the water at that time.

After that terrifying attack, Mick Fanning is fortunately okay, along with the rest of the surfers that were in the water at that time.

That was a close one!