Mom Thinks Her Teen Snuck Out. When She Sees What’s Left Behind She Knows Something is Terribly Wrong

It’s been more than a month since Rhona Kauffman last saw her daughter, but this dedicated mom is doing everything in her power to find the missing teen and bring her home.


As the Daily Mail reports, 15-year-old Brianna Herrmann vanished from her home in San Diego on April 29th, taking her mother’s car but leaving behind her wallet and retainer.

A week later, the car was found abandoned without any sign of Brianna.

Police investigating the missing persons case say that the last person Brianna was seen with was an alleged drug dealer named Timothy “Dean” Rivera.


Rhona believes that the circumstances of the disappearance suggest that Brianna was lured away and intended to return home soon, but is being held against her will.

“She’s being held somewhere and we know she’s fighting to get home,” Rhona said in an interview with Dateline NBC. “It’s the worst thing to ever happen to someone, I’m just falling apart.”

The past weeks have been difficult for Brianna’s friends and family as a series of tips have yet to lead to the missing girl.

Rhona says that her daughter Snapchatted and texted a friend about being held captive in a house in Los Angeles, but a police raid on the location failed to find Brianna.


Rhona, however, isn’t prepared to leave all of the searching to the police. Having taken more than seven weeks of leave from her job, she’s trying every avenue she can to locate her daughter— from posting appeals on YouTube to launching a full-fledged social media campaign.

“My daughter and I are super close, super close. I have to keep fighting, that’s what a mother has to do,” Rhona told Dateline.

After creating a Facebook page dedicated to finding Brianna, Rhona offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who locates her daughter.

In addition to sharing photos and information about her missing daughter on the Facebook page, Rhona also posts updates and urges people to spread word of Brianna’s disappearance. She also includes continual messages of love and support to Brianna, urging her to try to make contact or come home.

Rhona has said that she will run down every possible lead, tip, and sighting, and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help the family with costs associated with the search. For Rhona, it’s a quest that will never end until she finds her daughter.

“I can never give up, I never will,” she told Dateline. “I have to get her back. A mother never gives up.”