This Guy Killed A Person Of Being Gay And Flirting With His Younger Brother – He Feels No Remorse

This man your about to watch in the below video has confessed to killing a Wayne Community College employee, He quotes – he feels no remorse for the crime and fatally shot Ron Lane to protect his younger brother.

In an exclusive telephone interview from a Florida jail which your about to hear below, Kenneth Morgan Stancil III told WRAL News that Lane deserved to die because he made sexual advances toward his brother through messages on Facebook.

“He didn’t touch him,” said Stancil, 20, who added that Lane also made passes at him. “But he was in the proposal to try to, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I took it in my hands to take care of the business that needed to be took care of.”

Stancil was imminently captured and arrested in Daytona Beach, after he was found sleeping on a beach, will be returned to North Carolina to face a murder charge in the death of Lane, a 44-year-old openly gay man who ran the college print shop where Stancil previously served as a work-study student.

We wonder would it not have been best to talk to Wayne, or inform a police official before having to taking action which has caused to 1 person murdered in cold blood, and his younger brother which now will never see him out of prison. If you ever feel any person is trying to take any advantage of inappropriate messages, we recommend you speak to them, or inform someone without taking action. His Decision was wrong.

View the video for yourself: