Police Arrest The Teenage Girl Who Punched Boy With Down Syndrome

On Wednesday, awful footage of a young down syndrome boy being punched by a 14-year-old girl emerged online. The disturbing video immediately went viral and was widely condemned. With that condemnation came a desire to find the girl responsible, and in the modern world we live in it was never going to be long before the law caught up with her.

The girl, who can’t be named for legal reasons, has been arrested and is currently being questioned.

The incident occurred in Pakenham, south east of Melbourne, Australia. The force of the punches injured the victim — who isn’t being named in media reports. He can be seen in the video with blood down the front of his shirt and on his face as he slumps forward after being punched twice in the face.


The girl has taken to social media to attempt to defend her actions, she makes a muddled apology and claims that the boy with down syndrome was being aggressive towards her and her friends.

In a short statement local police Sergeant said:

“The victim has now made a statement and doesn’t recollect the incident because he was very intoxicated. Apparently the male was being verbally aggressive. [The girl] was unaware it was being filmed.”

It’s hard to defend this girls actions, you can only hope that she learns from the incident. I’d suggest a years community service helping local disabled people in the area.