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Police Officer Hands Toddler Motorcyclist A “Parking Ticket” And It’s Just Hilarious!

If you want to roll with the “big boys,” you have to accept the same kind of consequences, right?

There’s not much that 3-year-old Declan Tramley loves more than riding around on his red plastic motorcycle at the ferry terminal in Halifax, Canada. However, even though he’s adorable, sweet, and just a toddler, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible when cops come around to give out tickets!

When Declan parked his bike in an undesignated spot alongside the motorcycles of a biker group that hangs around the pier, his father thought it would be hilarious to see his young boy get a “parking ticket,” just like this police officer dad did with his little ones. Declan’s dad teamed up with Halifax Regional Police Sgt. Pierre Bourdages, who issued the “ruthless biker” a ticket while dad snapped the absolutely priceless photo below.

The photo has since been shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times…and if you’ve ever gotten a ticket yourself, you know that the boy’s precious response perfectly sums up the situation for any adult. Sgt. Bourdages told CTV News that he enjoyed showing this other side of the job. “We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away… We like to have fun.”

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Halifax Police tweeted this photo after Sgt. Bourdages issued this 3-year-old a “parking ticket” for leaving his motorcycle in the wrong spot.a