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Redneck Gets Instant Dose Of Karma After Trying To Run A Biker Off The Road

If you’ve got a problem with bikers, it’s probably best to keep it to yourself because those people run in packs and will most likely f*ck you up if you step out of line.

One particular redneck dude found that out the hard way, and it was all caught on a video that is now going viral for the world to see.

As the biker’s helmet cam shows, a redneck guy in a truck aggressively veered into the oncoming lane to try to run the biker off the road. Furious, the biker turns around to confront the guy, and noticed that redneck dude threw his truck in reverse and wanted a confrontation as well.

That’s where the redneck aggressor learned a very a valuable lesson…

I like when the redneck gets back to his feet and for a split second thought about hitting the biker, until he came to his senses. Safe to say that he’s learnt his lesson, or at least I hope so, for his sake.