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She Cut A Hole In Her Leggings, What I Saw When She Unfolded Them Was Genius

Leggings have been all the rage recently, but what can you do when you’re tired of them? I hate throwing things away, which is why I LOVE this easy trick.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a 1992 choker necklace tutorial– I wouldn’t do that to you. I never would’ve thought that leggings could be turned into a crop top. This is AWESOME!

I was so confused when YouTuber Handimania cut a big hole in her folded leggings. But seconds later it turned into a completely different article of clothing. After wearing the same item too many times– give it a new life in less than 5 minutes!

Crop tops are often expensive, so this easy DIY will help you create one of a kind crop tops out of your old leggings. What a brilliant idea!