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She Doesn’t Know Her Name But This 12-Year-Old is On the Hunt to Deliver An Important Message

Halle Burke was less than three-days old when her biological mother, or “tummy mommy” as she calls her, dropped her off at a fire station in Denver, CBS 4 reports.

Now Halle is 12-years-old and wants to thank her “tummy mommy” for giving her a “really good life.”

“I always think that I am going to find my tummy mommy before it’s too late,” she tells CBS 4.aa

According to CBS 4, under Colorado’s Safe Haven law, it’s legal for a mother in crisis to surrender her baby up to three days old at a fire station or hospital, no questions asked.

The firefighters there on the night Halle was dropped off on February 15, 2003, tell CBS 4 they never forgot that moment.

“Out on this side of the door there was just a couple there and they handed me a baby,” Tom O’Neil says.

“I look at the child,” Duane Linkus explains. “Child looks fine and Tom’s giving me the look in his eyes that something’s going on. And that’s when it hits me, that she’s here to drop off this baby.”


Halle has always been aware of her history and hopes that one day, in addition to thanking her for her good life, she will get the chance to see if she looks like her biological mother and ask her “tummy mommy” about her life.

“Because a lot of women, people, who are afraid to have babies and when they do they make bad choices about it,” Halle says. “But my tummy mommy made a really, really good choice.”

Halle is still in the process of searching for the woman who dropped her off at a Denver fire station in 2003, but in the mean time, she will be enjoying her life with the family she was meant to be with.