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She Left A Note On A Cop’s Car…But What It Says Has Got The WHOLE Nation Talking!

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren Talbert left a note on a police cruiser driven by Denver’s Lieutenant Kushdilian.

When the officer came back to his vehicle, his heart sank when he saw the folded up note. With so much anti-cop sentiment around the nation recently, he automatically assumed that this wasn’t going to be anything good.

Not many people realize that police officers are human beings, and that for every “bad”cop out there, there are 1,000 upstanding, hard-working, and brave men and women in blue who put their lives on the line every single day.

The police officer prepared himself for the worst, picked up the note, and started to read it. But what Talbert wrote in this amazing letter has left the Denver police department at a loss for words. After weeks of searching for this mystery writer, the department finally found tracked her down.

It’s no wonder this note is going viral, with so much anti-cop sentiment out there, it’s wonderful to see her note, his response, and the Denver Police Department’s response as a whole.
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