She Put Marshmallows In The Oven…The Reason Why Had Me Drooling

I understand why some people don’t like s’mores…

You can get burnt in the process of making them and they’re incredibly messy.

I get it…I just can’t relate.

After all, there are so many other ways to make s’mores that don’t involve roughing it by a campfire or getting marshmallows all over yourself. While that might be half of the appeal, I’d argue that the taste is all of the appeal…which is why this indoor, no-campfire-needed recipe for s’mores is everything.

I always have the hardest time getting my marshmallows just the right amount of gooey burntness over the fire…in the oven, this is a moot point!

source Life hack: How to make s’more without a campfire. by littlethings)