She Puts A Bowl Of Beer In Her Shower, When I See Why, I’m Disrobing Right Away

We’ve all thrown dinner parties where a guest brings beer nobody wants to drink. His or her intentions might innocent, yet there the brews sit on the side table, untouched at the end of the evening. Instead of throwing them away or letting them clog up valuable storage space, this video suggests cracking a few open and giving your hair a healthy, hoppy bath. Seriously.

The great thing about haircare is that there is a never-ending supply of cool tips and tricks to give us that perfect look. As it turns out, the malt and hops in beer are chock-full of proteins that your cuticles are more than happy to absorb. The B vitamins in beer will turn damaged hair into smooth, shiny locks that are stronger and therefore less susceptible to breaking. It’s recommended to use equal parts beer and water, and it’s only necessary to do this rinse once a month so the time and cost commitments are minimal. I think the benefits of saturating our hair with beer are too fantastic to not try at least once.