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She Was Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes When A Friend Took This Picture And Saw Something Amazing


Losing a pet is like losing family and a best friend. It’s not easy to face, even surrounded by loved ones. When Ashley Lang‘s dog Wagner passed away, she desperately wanted to give him a proper send off…so she planned to spread his ashes in a favorite park of theirs.The duo spent 12 years together — saying goodbye wouldn’t be easy. As Ashely was spreading Wagner‘s ashes in the park, her friend snapped a photo so that she could forever remember the moment. Upon reviewing the photo, though,…

It doesn’t look like she was alone when she was saying goodbye.


Everyone is calling it an “angel dog.” It’s easy to see why.

Even if you don’t think that Ashley and Wagner were saying goodbye to each other, it cannot be denied that angels do exist: they are our furry friends on Earth. They love us — and they always will.

This last happy moment should put a smile on your face…