Someone Bought This 100 Year Old Bank. And What They Did With It Is Really Impressive.

Not all home renovations are created equal, but this one is certainly one of the most unique ones out there – and you can take that to the bank. No, really.

When the National Bank of Spring City, PA, was closed down in 1989 after operating for over a century, Cathy Calhoun had an idea. After working at the bank as a teller, Calhoun felt a connection to the building and its contents so she purchased it in an auction for $52,000. And then she turned it into her home.

With a storied past that includes a bank robbery, Calhoun wanted to preserve as much of the building as possible while building her home.aa

The vaults were home to all sorts of ledgers, notes and coins that she used to decorate the interior. 222 safety deposit boxes remain unopened.


Once she finished the project, this bank became an incredible house.


The bar inside of the vault is where I’d be spending most of my time. She won’t have trouble getting there before the bank closes!