Son Turns Around to See A Very Familiar Face Staring Back At Him & Only Has One Question For Mom

Ovella O’Neal knew she had to do something big for her son’s high school graduation to show just how proud of him she was.

And while her son, Aljelani Igwe, or AJ, knew she was proud, he never expected that she would show it in such a big way.Screen-Shot-2015-06-19-at-1.22.33-PM

That’s right — Ovella slapped her excitement up on a billboard in the middle of Camden.

Camden, New Jersey, is where Ovella raised her son and only eight percent of the adults residing in the city pursue a bachelors degree, according to CBS Philly.

And now AJ will join that small group as he will be attending Rowan University in the fall to major in Engineering.Screen-Shot-2015-06-19-at-1.21.46-PM

The billboard message reads:

“A Mother Can’t Raise a Man, but I Raised a Gentleman. We have the total package. Love, Your Family. Congratulations 2015!”

And AJ, who will be graduating from LEAP academy, has a few goals in mind beside just getting his degree.

He also wants to eventually own his own house and get his mom the car she’s always dreamed of as a thank you for all she has done”

“She just makes sure I’m in school and doing what I need to do to be successful,” AJ tells

Ovella also didn’t allow her son to date or have a cell phone. Two strict rules she believes helped her son remain focused and out of trouble.

The billboard will stay up for the next three weeks, but Ovella hopes it’s looked at as more than just a congratulatory message to her son.

She wants other single moms to see it as inspiration.