Jus' Funny

He’s Driving Around On A Hot Summer Day. When He Points Outside And Says THIS, I’m In Stitches!

While summer has its many perks, I think we can all agree that 100-degree weather can also be pretty uncomfortable.

Sure there are ways you can try and cool down, like taking a swim — with your pool noodle cooler by your side, of course — or maybe even making your own ice cream to avoid going to the store.

But when these options don’t suit you, you might find yourself going on a rant like Eric Johnson, aka E. Cornell, did in the video below. It’s clear he’s not a fan of the hot weather in Columbia, SC and, trust me, his reaction will be the funniest thing you watch all day.

“It’s so hot out here the devil ain’t busy,” the stylist says. “These people walking out here barely have clothes on and they’re just cooking. They’re getting darker and darker every few minutes.”

The best part? He breaks into a song about the blistering heat at the :54 mark. And just wait for the moment when he puts his glasses on.

“I’m getting delirious that’s what it is,” he explains. “It’s just too hot.”

He also said he wasn’t going to leave his car and I definitely believe him.