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They’re Praying To God, But Look Who Bursts Through The Back Door. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

For Buzz and Becca, the biggest day of their lives had finally arrived. It was their wedding day, and the cameras were rolling to capture their sweet vows. The priest was locked in prayer, the choir singers were belting out a beautiful hymn, and the bride and groom were excited to make it official. They even enlisted their dog, Rudy, to act as their ring bearer. Rudy successfully brought the rings up to his happy parents, after which the wedding party tied him up right outside the church door so the prayers could properly commence.

But then, 10 seconds into the video below, Buzz and Becca turn around when they hear a strange yet familiar sound…

Pay attention to the back of the room, because someone very naughty is about to burst through the chapel doors and cause a scene! I won’t give away the big surprise, because it’s just too good. I will say, however, that the sneaky culprit had to be chased around the alter until he was rightfully captured! One YouTube commenter said it best: “That’s hilarious! Will be a great memory to add to your marriage.” And you know what? I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t worry — judging from the happy smiles on the faces of the bride and groom, and the chuckles from the wedding guests, I don’t think the evil-doer was punished for long..