This Footage Puts You Right In The Driver’s Seat Of An Insane Boat Race

A video recently captured by speed boat racer Peter Huijs shows exactly what it feels and sounds like inside one of the most exhilarating competitions on Earth. The race was part of a jetsprint boat competition in New Zealand, in which an artificial course filled with three feet of water is created for these small, two-person boats to race. The boat, raced by Huijs, was engineered by Mazda and features a 1,400-horsepower rotary engine, designed to keep the vehicle as lightweight as possible.

Navigating the boat is Peter’s brother Gary, whose role is to point out every tight turn that needs to be made. Together, they race as Team Huijs, one of the most successful jetsprint teams in the world. The sport of jetsprint racing has grown incredibly popular in recent years, spreading from New Zealand to Australia and now with events all over the world.