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This ‘Granny Pod’ Could Be The End Of Nursing Homes Everywhere. This is Brilliant!

#1 A New Way Of Living

Introducing a revolutionary cottage that will allow seniors private care, right in the backyards of their families! This will change how life happens in those later years.


#2 The Granny Pod

The idea behind this new type of home is to allow the family member privacy, while simultaneously providing quality care. So far, three different Granny Pod models have been built.


#3 Energy Efficient

Each of these small homes has electricity and water that would be connected directly to the homeowner’s utilities, to keep it simple. There are also webcams installed throughout the home so that families can know that the resident is safe and healthy.


#4 Handicap Access

The bathrooms are handicap accessible and provide a safe way for people to use them without much strain. There is an option for cushioned floors to prevent catastrophic injury in the event of a fall.


#5 Population Density

One of the great things about these pods is that they are helping cut down on the population density in the suburbs, which is where a lot of elderly people reside.


#6 Many Amenities

There’s even a kitchen with a small fridge, microwave, and medication dispenser. The bedroom also provides ample space, should there need to be a live-in caregiver.


#7 A Win-Win Deal

One of the best things about these cottages is that they’re able to give family members more freedom, without compromising important matters like safety and independence.