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Your Face is Covered With Signs, Here’s How To Tell What’s Wrong With Your Kidneys, Hormones And Liver

Hormone imbalances will often lead to bad skin and this is something that teenagers face as they grow up. Acne! But as we get older our skin should clear up, unless there is something wrong. Clear shiny skin is an indicator of good health, bad skin is an indicator that there may be something wrong


What is face mapping?

A healthy diet and exercise are the most important thing for your skin by the way. Eating those vegetables and getting enough nutrients should leave you with a healthy supple skin.

If you are having skin problems, look at face mapping.

Face mapping is based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine, using the skin to diagnose problems with the body. This guideline will help you to look at your skin and perhaps see what other areas of your body may need help.



Your eyes are the window to your soul. It is so true. A healthy happy person has healthy looking eyes.

Eyes that are discoloured or too white may indicate joint problems, either a degeneration or something more general.

Eyes that are spotty may indicate intestinal malabsorption and red eyes mean exhaustion and poor diet.

A circular ring around the iris could mean excess sugar and salt.

Look at your diet and eat anti-inflammatory foods like oily fish, linseeds, turmeric, flaxseed, walnuts and an organic bone broth. Stop the processed foods immediately and reduce your intake of caffeine, sugar and salt.



There are alternative health practitioners who will look at your tongue only for a diagnosis. Your tongue keeps all your secrets about health. Your colour and texture of your tongue will tell you about any toxins in your body.

If your tongue is slightly rough or frothy it may indicate poor lung function too.

Circles of white at the back area of the tongue, or in the middle, indicate toxins in your intestines and blood stream.

Detox! Drink raw vegetable juices and eat raw foods. Cut sugar and processed foods out of your diet immediately and drink no more coffee or alcohol. Exercise too and mediation or yoga are recommended.

Underneath the eyes

If your kidneys are not working well, or your body is filled with toxins you will have puffy lower eyelids, dark rings under your eyes and may experience swelling.

This is all related to poor kidney function and your body not cleansing itself well.

Drink more water straight away and try and have eight glass per day.

Do not allow yourself to get dehydrated as your kidneys cannot function without adequate water.

Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee, increase your exercise and your sleep, and avoid stress by doing yoga or meditation.



Your forehead is linked to your nervous system and digestion. Any skin issues on your forehead may be a result of a sluggish digestive system and stress.

Skin issues on the forehead could mean you have a problem with your liver or your gallbladder.

Avoid processed foods, fatty foods and sugar. Eat fruit and vegetables and have a diet high in fibre to stimulate digestion.

Manage your stress with regular exercise and try yoga or meditation.
Cleanse your liver with dandelion tea or hot water with fresh lemon juice.


Your nose is connected to your cardiovascular system and is indicative of a healthy heart and lungs. It is also connected to your circulatory system and an unhealthy nose, a blocked or clogged nose, can be linked to a number of health issues.

Exercise, follow a healthy diet and clear the air of pollutants. Eat the kind of foods that will cleanse your system and improve your hearth health and circulation.

Cold pressed olive oil, oily fish, nuts, almonds, avocado, linseed and flaxseed, lots of fruit and veg, and avocado are especially good for you.

Avoid dairy as well as coffee and alcohol.

Right of the eyebrows

Lines on our faces can be related to age and daily living but also to bottle up anger or emotions. Sometimes these emotions get stored in our organs in an unhealthy manner. Lines to the right of the eyebrow mean your emotions have gone to your liver.

Use relaxation techniques to release your emotions, such as yoga, meditation or reiki. It is also important to communicate so talk to a friend or a therapist.

Try writing or something creative.

Watch your diet and avoid foods rich in fat. Try not to drink alcohol.

Left of the eyebrows

Lines in this area show that you have bottled emotions which instead of coming out, are being stored in your spleen.

To release this old emotional energy you should do yogic breath work, guided meditations, any relaxation techniques or reiki.

Do something with your hands, painting or pottery too.

Avoid fatty foods, get the required amounts of vitamins and minerals and lessen your alcohol consumption.


If your cheeks have oddly coloured patches on them it may mean that your metabolism is working slowly and you are not absorbing enough nutrients. This area is also connection to your lungs and there may be some lung issues.

Try and chew your food really well, eat all the correct foods rich in antioxidants and do exercise to increase your lung capacity. Breath work is an important part of yoga and try and include a few yogic breathing exercises into your daily routine.

Green tea is very good for sensitive skin too and will protect from pollutants that may be hindering breathing.

Cut out fats, sugars and any processed foods.

The Chin

The chin is a good indicator of hormonal imbalances and often breakouts will occur on the chin, or around the chin, during menstruation. This is normal if it is ‘that time of the month’ but if it is more frequent you need to balance your hormones.

Distress by doing exercise, yoga or meditation.

Cut out all sugar and processed foods and follow a healthy well balanced diet.

Check that your meats are not filled with hormones and eat organic where possible.


Your lips are related to your digestive system. Pale lips can indicate anemia.

Spots on your lips can show that your digestive system is not working well and that you have insufficient digestive enzymes. Coloured spots on your lips can also indicate a parasite or worm in your body!

Eat foods rich in iron, such as spinach, leafy green vegetables and lean red meat. You may also want to chat to a doctor about the possibility of a parasite and perhaps get dewormed. Eat your vegetables and get sufficient vitamins and minerals into your body.