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This Homeless Dad Is On The Street With His Daughter. How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

If your in the city walking down a busy street, chances are, your probably going to see a homeless person sitting on the sidewalk.

Most of the time they get ignored, and many of us have been taught from a young age to steer clear of them. We are scared to even make eye contact sometimes no sure of the response we will get.

However imagine if you saw a young dad and his daughter sat in the rain huddled together, how would you feel? What would you do? Would you want to help?

Colby Persin went the extra mile and found out he did a social experiment on the streets of New York and filmed it for us all to see.

Colby wanted to see New Yorkers different reaction to different types of homeless people. He wanted to see if people were more likely to give to a single dad or to a man asking for drugs and alcohol. The results will leave you flabbergasted. It ends with a moving message when another homeless woman walks by and does something that broke our hearts.

“Sometimes those that have less, are the ones who give more.”