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103-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday By Dressing Up As Wonder Woman And Volunteering At Senior Center

Meet Mary Cotter, who recently turned 103 years old. But instead of sitting down and putting her feet up, Cotter decided to dress up as a real-life Wonder Woman and volunteer at the Montclair Senior Center, California, serving tea and cakes to the residents. a

She’s been volunteering there for the past 25 years, and her friends affectionately call her their “barmaid” because she serves them tea, coffee, and water.


Time and age hasn’t slowed down the centenarian one bit. So what’s her secret?  “Just keep busy, I guess” she told ABC news.56267e88e5a8b

She’s certainly done that: in 1930 Cotter helped her high-school win the state swim championship, and she was a children’s swim instructor well into her 60s. After that she went on to helping rescue see turtles in her 90s.

Watch a news report about Cotter below: