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This Owner Saved Her Dog’s Life After His Leash Got Caught in The Elevator!

Tamra Seibert, a Toronto, ON woman, was taking her dogs out like any ordinary day. Seibert and her two dogs got in an elevator, but what she didn’t notice was that one of the dog’s leashes was dragging.

As the elevator doors closed she realized that Vado’s (one of her dogs) leash had got caught. When the elevator started going down, Vado started going up.

After a moment of panic, Seibert sprang into action! She grabbed her dog and immediately tried to unclasp the leash from his collar. When that didn’t work she tried to emergency stop the elevator but that didn’t work either!

Finally, she was able to unclasp the leash and free her dog, but not without severely hurting her hands in the process. Luckily, she was able to free her dog before he was injured! When I first saw this I almost couldn’t believe it — good thing she acted quickly!

WARNING: some of this video is a little graphic and shocking at first, but it does have a happy ending! It seems like the dog is fine at the end as he runs out the door. You just have to watch and see for yourself!