When A Half-Naked Guy Pulls An Old Man To The Stage, The Crowd Is Shocked

Hollywood star Channing Tatum decided to have a little fun preparing for a private screening of Magic Mike XXL. Tatum teamed up with some makeup artists who transformed him from shirtless on-screen stud to weird old man. While in costume, Tatum met with some of the fans before the screening to ask them questions and the fans didn’t seem to suspect a thing!

I’m not used to seeing this prankster side of Tatum, but I definitely enjoy it. Watching him get transformed into an old man was just fascinating. There’s no way I ‘d be able to tell it was really him if I was a part of the group of fans he interviewed. What do you think? Would you be able to spot the celebrity underneath all that makeup.
I loved watching the audience when the screening was starting. There are definitely a lot of excited ladies who have no idea that Tatum is standing nearby as their creepy interviewer. Things start taking off when a group of men enter the room and start taking their shirts off while dancing close to members of the audience.
It’s not long before the men take the front of the stage and start showing off their moves. At this point, the entire crowd is going wild. Then, the men motion for Tatum to join them on stage and after hesitating he makes his way onto the floor and completely steals the show.