When Her Son Was Bit By A Snake This Pregnant Mom Made A Common Mistake That Could Have Cost A Life


On a sunny California day, 9 months pregnant Jaclyn Caramazza and her four-year-old son Vinny decided to go for a walk on Humbug Creek Trail to get outside.

According to KTXL-TV, Vinny skipped a few paces in front of his mom, and didn’t notice what was underfoot:

“It wasn’t dog poop,” said Vinny.

No. It was a coiled up, baby rattlesnake which was sunning itself on the concrete path:Screen-Shot-2015-06-11-at-8.13.34-PM

Vinny stepped on the snake by accident, and it bit him towards the bottom of his right heel. Jaclyn saw the snake spring up and strike out of the corner of her eye. That’s when her mom instincts kicked in:

“Mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom because that’s what Bonanza does.”

Jaclyn sucked the venom out of Vinny’s foot three times. Luckily the snake’s venom didn’t affect her or her unborn son.

However, experts advise against Jaclyn’s approach, saying that poisonous snake bites should be treated like any other wound: Clean it with soap and water, and then get to a hospital as soon as possible where they can administer anti-venom.

This video goes into more detail about what steps to take if you’re ever bitten by a venomous snake: