When She Tried To Lecture The Cop, He Gave Her A BRUTAL Reality Check

It’s not news that we live in a society filled with entitled people. God bless ‘em, but they just don’t understand that just because they think they’re right or they deserve something that they should then be able to get away with it. This video highlights one such woman who thought that she was above the law.

Apparently when you’re being questioned by an officer of the law, you can get out of trouble simply by quoting laws from an outdated constitution that was superseded by our current constitution. Or at least that’s what she was thinking as she denies being a U.S. citizen and declares she is a “free inhabitant.” (Which by the way, by her definition means that she has “all of the rights of a U.S. citizen without following any of their laws.” To which the officer—who is a badass says, “Well, that would just be pure anarchy if that were the case.”)

When she got indignant with the officer, he patiently offered to “assist” her out of the car, which he would need to tow. She continued to rebel and he gently, but firmly, got her out of the car where she continued to protest. Then the woman cries rape, even though the accusation is clearly false. This is crazy!


Ultimately, the unruly woman who claimed to be one of a “peaceful people” was forcibly arrested when attempting to leave the scene.

Not sure how you can cry rape when he doesn’t even have his hands on you, but then again lady, maybe your outdated constitution defines rape differently than we do today.