When Their Baby Was Born, Her Skin Color Ruined Their Marriage

#1 New Parents

This is the story of a 26 year old woman and her 29 year old boyfriend: “As the title says, me and my SO just had our first baby. We were over the moon when we discovered the pregnancy, and we were both really excited to have a child together. We want (or wanted) to get married next year, and everything was going great, we were happy.
We both look very white, pale skin, blue eyes, brown and blonde hair. However, my great great grandpa was black, and some of his features have popped up here and there in our family (kinky hair, darker skin, more “black looking” facial characteristics). My SO knows this and has seen some of my aunts/uncles and cousins who have these features. I however don’t have any myself, and neither does my mom.”

When Their Baby Was Born, Her Skin Color Ruined Their Marriage


#2 Five Days Old

“Our daughter was born five days ago and I guess she just got all the dormant genes in me, because she’s really dark skinned compared to us with really curly hair. I think she’s adorable, but my SO flipped. He accused me of cheating, that the baby couldn’t possibly be his.”


#3 Accusations Of Cheating

“I’ve never given him a reason to suspect me of infidelity, and I’ve certainly never cheated. We argued about it, I pointed at all my cousins and other relatives who have black features but he absolutely refused to listen, said our daughter looked “too black” for that to be a plausible explanation. He stormed out of the hospital, sent me a text an hour later that we were over and when I got home from the hospital the next day he wasn’t there and most of his personal belongings gone. I tried to reach him but he didn’t answer my calls or texts until 3 days later, when he told me he demanded a paternity test to prove that I was a liar, and if I refuse I’ll never see him again.”


#4 Taking A Test

“I’m completely broken down and hurt over this, our entire relationship he’s been so sweet and rational, this is completely unlike him. If he’d just calmly asked for a paternity test to begin with I would’ve been hurt, but I guess I could understand the concerns, our daughter looks nothing like him. But I don’t think our relationship can survive this, even when I prove to him I wasn’t lying. Should I go through with the test or just cut my losses here and raise her alone?”