You Won’t Believe What Happened At A Grandma’s Funeral, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!

A doctor is now facing charges of negligence after misdiagnosing a woman asdeceased. Yes, you read that right, this doctor’s orders sent one woman straight to the morgue. This is so crazy, I just can’t believe it!

Reports explain that prosecutors in Germany have charged a doctor with negligent bodily harm, and the doctor could go to prison if he’s convicted.

It all started when a care worker at a retirement home found the seriously ill woman without a pulse and not breathing. The medics were called and the 53-year-old doctor pronounced the woman dead.

The “deceased” body was taken to the Munstermann funeral parlour in Berlin where it was placed in a refrigerated room.



But just hours after arriving at the funeral home, the unimaginable happened. Employees heard screams coming from inside the room… and I’m sure they were quite scared themselves.

According to local news reports, the shocked employee fainted when he unzipped the mortuary bag and found the woman staring back.

B400Y1 Dead person with name tag on toe

B400Y1 Dead person with name tag on toe

The 92-year-old woman who had been declared dead turned out to be just fine, but tragically, the woman died two days later from heart disease unrelated to the incident.

The doctor is due to appear in Gelsenkirchen Magistrates’ Court to face charges of negligence.