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Woman Finds An Abandoned Egg. This Is What A Year Of Love And Devotion Does

One year ago, Susan Hickman saw a cracked bird’s egg lying on the ground. To her surprise, a hatchling was emerging, but no nest could be found in the area. However the egg found it’s way into her path, she decided she had to take charge of it. Like any other newborn, Klinger needed constant attention. Though uncertain of his outcome, Susan did all she could to give him the best chances at survival. See his journey in this heartwarming video below.

According to the Audubon Society, trying to care for a bird yourself or taking it to a wildlife care center should be a last resort. Although birds have very powerful parenting instincts, they are also extremely apprehensive. It may take hours for the parent to return to the take charge of the baby bird. Fledglings, who are mobile on their own should be left alone, while nestlings can be returned to the nest or suspended in a make-shift nest for protection. In Klinger’s case, he was still just a hatchling, and no nest was to be found. Without Susan’s help, he likely would not have survived past the first day.