Woman Gives Birth to 10lb Baby In The Car and Her Husband Gets It ALL On Film!

While people traveled home from a long days of work in Houston, Texas, one couple was zooming pass traffic on Beltway 8 towards the hospital. He had been driving for nearly 45 minutes as his wife sat in the passenger seat holding her prominent belly, huffing and puffing in pain. She was in labor.

“Oh my God, I’m scared,” she whimpers and he quickly accelerates. She reaches down below her belly as the pain expressed on her face becomes more evident. “I think that’s its head, I don’t know. I can’t tell,” she moans, looking at her husband in desperation. Seconds later, she gives out a shriek of pain and terror, and you know it’s coming…

What this couple captures on their GoPro camera on the way to the hospital is unreal. From the climactic ending of labor to the glorious beginning of childbirth, this woman endures an overwhelming array of emotional events in less than one hour, giving birth to her 10 pound baby in their vehicle.

This exhilarating moment caught on tape is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Just watch.