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You Cant post, ‘Everyone Will Know’ on Facebook in posts, comments or in messages


Facebook doesnt let you post ‘Everyone Will Know’ in status, comments, messages or anywhere on Facebook An innocuous comment like ‘Everyone will know’ seems to trigger some serious security issues with Facebook.

Sounds creepy, but looks true. Posted on Reddit’s /r/mildlyinteresting, people saw errors when typing “Everyone will know.”

The “Everyone will know” glitch came to light on Friday when a user asked, on the popular question-and-answer site, “Why can’t you post ‘everyone will know’ on Facebook?” “A lot of my friends have been trying to post it and no one has been able to do so. If you try to post it multiple times it will block you from posting any status.”



“So my friend posted a status about this on Facebook about an hour ago and I thought he was full of s**t until I tried it myself lol I don’t know what the h**l is going on maybe its something for Halloween? But its scary as s**t. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is hiding something? -shrugs-“ On Sunday, the topic made its way to Reddit, where a thread detailing users’ problems posting the phrase has since generated over 220 comments.

Reddit users were speculating that initial claims the phrase was blocked were a hoax, but when a large number of Facebook users started testing it out, the phrase started showing up so much that the site marked it as spam.

The Redditor who initially posed the question claims that when he or she first attempted to write “Everyone will know” as a comment, this message came up, appearing to refer to “liking” a post: View post on /div> Another user described an almost identical issue, posting this screenshot.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing for sure, because Facebook keeps its cards close to its vest when it comes to this sort of thing.

“[‘Everyone will know’] seems to be a part of certain words and sentences that are banned from used on Facebook. However nobody knows whether such a super list of banned words actually exists.”