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12 Pictures Of 6 People Who’ll Do Anything To Become Real Life Barbie

1. Valeria Lukyanova

Quite possibly the most famous of them all, Valeria Lukyanova is the self-proclaimed “Human Barbie.”

Although her eyes might be just as big as her boobs and her face doesn’t seem to move, Lukyanova claims that she’s only had her breasts done, and insists that the rest of her body came naturally and is maintained by daily gym workouts and a special diet.


2. Alina Kovalevskaya

Lukyanova might be numero uno when it comes to being the Human Barbie, but she’s got some serious competition in fellow Ukrainian Alina Kovalevskaya.


Not only is Alina from the same town of Odessa, Ukraine, but she’s also been attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers on her YouTube channel.

What sets her apart from Valeria, Alina says, is that she resembles Barbie naturally, even if it’s obvious that she’s using some makeup trickery.


3. Olga ‘Dominica’ Oleynik

Olga Oleynik and Valeria Lukyanova have the same terrifyingly doll-like features, including tiny waists and alien eyes.


Olga’s on the right in the first picture and on the left in the second one. Twinsies!


4. Blondie Bennett

Blondie Bennett may not look like anything close to a Barbie doll, but she does have the same vast empty head.

Yep, Blondie is actually having hypnotherapy to try to lower her IQ to zero.


5. Justin Jedlica

What’s Barbie without her Ken? Justin Jedlica went under the knife 140 times to look like Barbie’s dream man

Although after meeting Valeria in New York and calling her a total fake (pot meet kettle!), it might not end happily ever for the dream couple after all.


6. Ken Rodrigo Alves

But Jedlica has a rival in Ken Rodrigo Alves, who has spent the last decade blowing off his inheritance for 20 cosmetic operations in his quest to become the living embodiment of the Ken doll. Hey, he’s already got the name down.


These people are obviously the product of society’s over-obsession with beauty, and while we may not go to these extremes there’s sadly a little bit of a Barbie or Ken wannabe in most of us.