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Amazing Magic Tricks With Lighters


For the first trick, the man takes some sort of spray can. Then glues a clothespin to the can and glues another small piece of wood in between the clothespin.

Then he takes an elastic band and wraps it around the lighter. Then the lighter is glued onto the clothespin, then when he presses the spray button, the fire turns into a blowtorch. The flame is one by itself, and he doesn’t need to hold down the lighter.



The second trick is a much more well-known thing to do with a lighter. He removes the safety from the lighter, and the flame becomes much higher.

In the third trick, he pops off the top of the lighter and takes off the wheel part. He takes out the little plastic piece and lights it on fire. Then he throws it on the floor and the sparks go everywhere.


For the last trick, the guy goes outside and shows the camera that his lighter is dying with no flame coming out.

He pops the top off and takes a small piece of paper. He rolls the wheel over the paper, and then the paper catches fire.



This video was posted on Youtube by MrGear and has over 7 million views.
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