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Be Careful And Do Not Make These 5 First Aid Mistakes

 Rubbing alcohol to cool a fever

There is a practice of applying alcohol on the forehead of a fever patient. But the alcohol vanishes rapidly and only presents a sense of coolness, but does nothing to bring down the fever.

Instead of that, try applying an ice cool towel to the forehead, or take a bath under lukewarm water, keep the room cool and let the body sweat as much as it can because it leads to temperature of the body coming down.

Also take some Gingerroot or ginger tea which is proven ways of reducing a fever.



 Using hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds

The first instinct when a person cuts his arm or leg is to wash the wound and mostly hydrogen peroxide is used to do so. And yes it does clean the wound and kills bacteria that can cause an infection. But it also breaks the healthy cells walls.

Better to wash the wound with a mixture of regular soap and water with the flow of water removing dirt particles from the wound. You can apply some antiseptic solution to the wound to disinfect it.


 Apply heat on a sprain or fracture

Another incorrect notion, applying heat to a sprain actually increases inflammation and prolongs the healing and recovery time of the injury. Instead, apply ice by covering it in a towel for 20 minutes to reduce the swelling and avoid frostbite.
Also remember this R.I.C.E: rest, ice, compression, and elevation:

Rest and try not to put any weight on the injured part of the body.
Don’t apply ice for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Also weight 45 minutes before applying the ice again.
Cover the swollen area using a compressed bandage or wrap to the injury rigid and also giving it support.
Try to elevate the level of heart in order to keep the blood flow away from the injury and give relief to the patient.


 Bloody nose

If you have a bloody nose, the first instinct is to tilt your head back to stop the flow of blood. But it is the wrong method, since the bleeding doesn’t stop and blood instead collects in your throat, which you inadvertently swallow and then throw up.

Rather than tilting the head backward, you should tilt it forward and pinch your nose just below the bridge to stop the blood flow. Apply the pressure to 5-7 minutes and check for blood flow. If the blood doesn’t stop for 15 minutes, you need to visit the ER and see a doctor for it.