4 Year Old Destroys Babysitter’s Plan To “Blame The Black Man” For Home Robbery

Honest toddler, 4 year old Abby Dean, in Whatcom County, Washington keeps dishonest older babysitter from framing African-American Neighbor, Cody Oaks. Or, a black man, in general. Her babysitter told 4 year old Abby Dean to place burglary blame upon some random black man, or next door neighbor, a middle aged man of darker complexion.

Dean refused to go along with babysitter’s try at avoiding arrest. In telling truth Abby Dean saves day and explains actual circumstance to police. The crime scene and questioning had gone on for 5-6 long hours and in 30 seconds the 4-year-old clarifies case and settles dispute. Dean’s mother is happy that her daughter overcame fear in speaking with authorities and named the culprit(s).

Smart Abby spoke with FOX affiliate and said, among other things, that, “Wednesday was the worst day of my life!” Though young in age, Abby is full of experience. Abby went on to tell reporters ” … (they) told us to get out of the house because they wanted to ‘steal stuff’ … ” A number of the babysitter’s employers’ possessions, the Dean family’s, belongings were attempted to be lifted in the ruse. The list of absconded items included Abby’s kitty bank, iPod, XBox and Wii.

Being questioned by county police babysitter told investigators that one of the thieves looked like a black neighbor, one Cody Oaks. Oaks had been handcuffed and interrogated by police until Abby Dean chose to chime-in. 4 year old Abby said, ” … It wasn’t the right skin color. … ” The robbers, it was explained, were Caucasian, not of African-American persuasion, Abby had said of the truth. It was at this point that the babysitter was seen to be lying and misreporting the situation.

Once uncovered, babysitter confesses to crime deed; admits that, in fact, that one of the two the perpetrator is 16 year old minor, an undisclosed, white, boyfriend to the babysitter along with an additional accomplice.

Dean’s mother is proud of her daughter. 30 seconds of speech from babe is all it took to straighten out 5-6 hours of crime scene investigation. A relieved Oaks makes statement that babysitter could of caused irreversible damage to himself and his family. He also said that he has hope that the babysitter will take opportunity to learn from the entire situation and do better.

The unnamed minor babysitter, and accomplice(s), have been arrested and face possible robbery, burglary and perjury criminal charges.

The video of young Abby speaking of ordeal to reporters shows a well-spoken young lady. It has turned out that the unnamed minor babysitter had no clue whom she was watching and dealing with!

Though a child, Abby Dean easily saved the day using her wit and composure. She outsmarted scandal and made good for police. Sharp of mind and quick making of decision Abby is happy that justice prevailed. Grateful Whatcom County Police applaud the determination and resolve of honest Abby Dean. Allow us to observe and learn from her steady example in leadership.