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5 Teas to Help Reduce Bloating.

For many years people have used natural home remedies, including herbal teas, to reduce bloating and gas relief.

Bloating can be very uncomfortable, and it is said to affect 20–30% of people. Rather than using over the counter medication we have made a list of natural options that you can try to relieve the symptoms.


Peppermint is known to relax the gut, and has been used to treat digestive problems for centuries. This is largely down to its ingredient, menthol. This has cooling properties and can provide a pain-killer effect that will help to relieve the discomfort of bloating.

Ginger has warming carminative properties, which is known to relieve flatulence, so that helps reduce gas and stops bloating. It also helps digestion and aids in emptying the digestive system more quickly which will aid in reducing bloating and prevents the feeling of being ‘stuffed’ after eating. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory, so is very beneficial for IBS suffers.

Fennel seeds are rich in fibre and so like any high fibre foods it aids with constipation which in turn can eliminate abdominal pain, reduce bloating, and gas.

Chamomile tea helps settle any upset stomachs and has anti-inflammatory properties, so if the perfect tea to reduce bloating.

Green Tea
Green tea is one of the best teas for your gut. It is very good for helping to soothe muscles in your gastrointestinal tract and a safe and inexpensive way to stop gas therefore helping to reduce bloating.

Although these herbal teas can be effective in relieving mild symptoms of bloating and gas for some people, they’re only a temporary fix. So if you suffer from these problems on a daily basis please seek medical advice from a professional.