A Girl Goes to the Doctor With a Broken Leg. As the Doctors Are Examining Her They See It.

When eleven-year-old Reagan Angers broke her leg last year, she and her family thought it was just that— a broken leg.

But when they went to get it checked out, her doctors discovered that it was much more than a broken leg. Reagan had a tumor.a

Her mom, Kim, explains to WAFB:

“They found a tumor that was on her leg and we went through a few weeks of it’s possibly cancer. It might not be. Yes it is. No it’s not. And eventually after they did another surgery they determined that it was cancer.”

After determining that it was bone cancer, doctors were required to remove eight and a half inches of femur bone from Reagan’s leg. In its place they put in a titanium prosthetic bone. In addition, Reagan has had to undergo ten months of intensive chemotherapy.


The past year has been difficult, but the power of prayer has helped Reagan through the tough times.

“Prayer is a big part of my life especially since all of my family is Christian and most of them are Catholic. That was just a big part of it that helped me get my hopes up,” she says.

Now she inspiring others at her school and in her community by living by one simple motto: “Have faith in God and never give up.”

“I mean a horrible thing has happened to her and she’s going to use it for God’s good. She really is. She’s going to change lives and I know that,” community member, Anna Haldane, affirms.

And after much prayer and intensive treatments, Reagan’s parents say she is now cancer free.