What was found in this Florida woman’s mobile home will give you nightmares


Police in Hernando County Florida were shocked to find over 3,700 knives, swords and machetes “decorating” 47-year-old Nickcole Dykema’s mobile home. The blade enthusiast’s dwelling was a house of horrors as satanic shrines, chicken bones, fake human body parts and Halloween props were found though out the home.

Dykema had an arrest warrant out for felony probation violation and carrying a concealed weapon. When authorities arrived to arrest her, she cursed at them through a broken window. Police forced their way into the home and Dykema attacked an officer with a machete, missing his head by only a few inches. Another officer fired a bean bag round at her and she fled to a room that housed nearly 500 swords and hid under a blanket with several weapons. Police had to use a Taser in order to finally get her into custody. She was later charged with several counts of probation violation, resisting officer without violence, property damage/criminal mischief and assault on a law enforcement officer.

It took nearly a day for authorities to remove all of the weapons from the mobile home. Dykema had also “booby-trapped” her home by hiding pins in blankets, knives in the yard and attacking sharp objects to blade handles. Some of the deputies were cut or sliced during the clean up.

“She was just something else. You never knew.” said neighbor, Ethel Burns whose window and air conditioning unit were destroyed by Dykema. “My husband was amazed. He said if we had known she had that kind of arsenal in her house, we wouldn’t have stayed here. We would have left.”

Dykema was previously arrested for providing a false name to police officers and carrying a concealed weapon. She is currently being held without bond and the case is still under investigation