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A woman jumped off the 11th floor of a building, but a retired soldier didn’t hesitate to catch her

Footage: Man catches woman who jumped off a building with his …

A retired soldier caught a woman jumping off a building with his bare hands in Enshi city, Hubei Province. The force with which the woman fell resulted in both of them collapsing to the ground. They were immediately rushed to a hospital, where the man underwent a surgery for a torn ligament. It is still unclear why the woman jumped off the building.

Posted by CGTN on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Warning: you may find the contents of this video disturbing.

How would you react if a person jumped off of the 11th floor of an apartment building and was flying right at you?

A retired soldier named Feng Ning in China didn’t hesitate to extend his arms and catch the woman as she fell, surveillance camera footage shows.

The man did catch the woman, but both people hit the ground hard and the woman, unfortunately, did not survive the fall. This has not yet, to our knowledge, been confirmed a suicide.

Feng Ning tore a ligament as a result of his heroic save attempt. He had surgery to repair the ligament.

CCTV News uploaded the video to Facebook. The incident reportedly happened in Enshi City, Hubei Province in central China on Dec. 23.