As the woman smelled the man all alarm bells rang. 3 minutes later she lay with a smashed face in front of the kindergarten.

This mother of 5 runs a daycare in her home and has served as a caregiver and guardian to children for more than 20 years. Martha McClure explains her role:

“As soon as the mothers give their children to me at 6:30, they belong to me. They’re my responsibility and I would give my life to protect them.”

Having said that, the 41-year-old never imagined that a situation so extreme would end up actually occurring.


It was the morning of October 7th. A man named Francis Joseph Jackson, along with his girlfriend, arrived at Martha’s house, wanting to take his 3 kids with him. A peculiar odor emanated from Mr. Jackson. Yet is was an odor very recognizable to Martha. It was the odor of alcohol. It turns out, the 31-year-old Mr. Jackson had actually lost custody of his kids some time ago. They were being raised by relatives and were forbidden contact with the father. Martha refused to turn the kids over to Jackson. That’s when the man flipped out. There was yelling, berating, and finally threats of death, all occurring right in front of the children. Martha pushed Jackson out of her home and slammed the door.2

Unfortunately, this nightmare was only beginning. A tricycle was thrown at the window as the man tried to regain access to the house. Martha blocked his entry, but then Jackson’s 21-year-old girlfriend took a snow shovel and smacked Martha in the face with it. Martha went down and now it was Jackson’s turn to pound her face in some more. After breaking facial bones, the couple began searching the home.


Meanwhile Martha was able to phone police. She covered up her face as to not frighten the children. She didn’t want them to see her face and connect it with something horrible that happened inside the home. Martha explains:

“They don’t know what happen. I don’t want my house to be the place that something bad happened for them. For many of them, this is their second home.”

Martha’s photo has made the rounds on the internet, and her heroic efforts to protect the children are being celebrated and greatly admired.


But for Martha, it really was nothing heroic.

“For me, this wasn’t a heroic act. For me, it was just what I had to do. I am the mother of these children whilst ever they’re with me. Did I know that he would hurt me? Yeah. Did I hope that he wouldn’t? Of course. But would I do it again? Absolutely! It’s what every mother would do.”

What happen to the attackers? Both have been arrested and punished for their crimes. Martha is recovering, and thankfully no children were harmed in the incident. Be sure to share this courageous act of Martha’s with all of your friends and family!