Dad Hid Emotionally Painful Photo From the World. Now He Wants Everyone to See It For One Reason

Michael Simpson did not share this picture of his young son, JJ, for the first three months of his life— it was too hard.


He explained to Mirror:

“It’s taken me a long time to share this picture publicly because of how much it hurts.”

Weighing just 1 lb. 9oz, JJ was born 16 weeks premature due to complications in the pregnancy of his mom, Carla Walker.

But Simpson decided to share the devastating photo of his son on Facebook after he read some upsetting comments made by the UK Health Secretary about the weekend hours of the hospital staff— the same hardworking doctors and nurses who have been toiling around the clock to keep young JJ alive.


According to Metro, it is because of these doctors and nurses that JJ — who has had to be revived many times — has made it past the three month mark.

“[The] staff have saved my son’s life that many times over the last 12 weeks I’ve lost count… They give everything— so many times, doctors and nurses have stayed long past when their shifts should have ended to help JJ,” Simpson told Mirror.

JJ still has a long road to recovery— he is currently battling chronic lung disease and now holds the record for being the “longest serving NeoNatal resident.”

cBut there is no doubt in Simpson’s mind that if it wasn’t for the hardworking staff in the neonatal care unit, JJ would not be where he is today.

“They are true miracle workers,” he said.