He Took His Bulletproof Vest Off In The Heat, A ‘Voice’ Said Put It Back On, Then They Opened Fire

Have you ever felt like God was warning you of something? ‘Don’t walk under that ladder’, ‘Cross the street to avoid that man’, ‘Don’t get on that plane’. It can reek havoc. And in my experience, God is usually just fucking with me and trying to waste my time.

However, when this 16-year-veteran police officer heard God telling him to put his bulletproof vest back on, he definitely had his back. The officer, who cannot be named, was working his second job as a security guard in St. Louis’ Central West End. It was the middle of the night, but it was hot and he decided to take off his bulletproof vest.

He then saw some men walking on the street at around 4:30 a.m and though they just seemed like any other guys, there was something about them which gave this veteran officer the chills. He heard a voice telling him to put his vest back on. He did. And moments later the men opened fire.