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Here’s How To Read A Barcode To Know What Country Your Food Came From

You may see great deals on food, but if the origin of the food is China, then that deal is really not that great after all. And possibly not that healthy. China, Taiwan and other countries don’t have the same strict processing standards that the U.S. has. So that jar of minced garlic from the dollar store that originates from China could have been processed by potentially dangerous means and contain things that wouldn’t be allowed in the U.S. Definitely not worth the risk.

There are meats and other produce that are out there in stores that can’t be identified as easy as far as where they came from. It turns out that you can actually find out their origin by doing a little detective work. If you examine the UPC barcode on the product, you can cross reference that with a chart identifying the country of origin.

Here’s how to read the code in order to find out where your food is coming from.

Basically, it is the first three numerals in the barcode which are the ones you want to pay attention to.


Once you find the UPC barcode and identify those first three numbers, you will want to compare it to the chart. The major food manufacturers in the world are listed here, and the codes for each, and their location, are associated.

Look at the chart below…

00 ~ 13 USA and Canada

690 ~ 695 China

30 ~ 37 France

40 ~ 44 Germany

49 ~ Japan

50 ~ UK

57 ~ Denmark

64 ~ Finland

76 ~ Switzerland and Liechtenstein

471 ~ Taiwan

480 ~ Philippines

628 ~ Saudi-Arabian

629 ~ United Arab Emirates

740 ~ 745 Central America