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She Puts Her Baby In A Shopping Cart. Seconds Later, Watch His Head — I’m In Stitches!

Babies have the luxury of falling asleep pretty much anywhere without being judged. Seriously, give them a pillow and blanket and they can snooze anywhere that seems fit for them!

Sometimes they fall asleep without any warning at all, like the baby who was jumping around and then suddenly shut his eyes for a nap. Other times nothing can wake them up from a deep sleep — not even a dog sleeping on their head.

Similarly, the toddler in the video below proves just how important sleep is to any baby. During a trip to the supermarket with his mom, he just couldn’t keep his eyes open.

While sitting in the WinCo Foods shopping cart, the adorable baby boy kept nodding off. And every time he tried to open his eyes, he just dozed off again.

The cycle continued for a while until his mom finally had a brilliant idea at the :28 mark. She basically saved the day judging by the baby’s reaction.

But, you can’t really blame him for wanting to fall asleep. I mean, which tot wants to go to the supermarket, right?

Watch the funny video below — it might be the cutest thing you see all day!