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He’s Live On A Television Broadcast… But Keep You’re Eye On What’s Happening Behind Him! Too…

It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time that something unusual happened during a live broadcast, but it just may be the first time a magic act happened to a seemingly unwitting reporter.

Journalist Ashish Joshi was giving a live news broadcast for Sky News just outside the House of Commons, when something unusual began to happen behind him. First, two men to his right begin snapping pictures of something just out of view of the frame. Then, a man wheels out a large steel box, a la the old “cut her in half” acts of traditional magicians.

Suddenly, Joshi’s words begin to take second stage to the Penn Teller-like performance unfolding behind him. They manage to make a grown man fit in an impossibly small space, wheel the table around so as to offer any logical presumptions about the trick, and then wheel away as if nothing had happened.

At first, when the video went viral, viewers were under the impression that the broadcasters hadn’t any idea that magicians were planning to crash their program. But lo and behold, NPR reports that Sky News hadn’t the slightest idea that this video had gone viral, as the broadcast wasn’t actually theirs — it was a fake made for the express purpose it manage to serve on the Internet. Regardless, I give it an A+ for excellent foolery.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqD_1TFhJdw]