Walmart’s Ice Cream Sandwich’s Don’t Melt! (SHOCKING VIDEO!!!!)

On a pretty hot day, the temperature hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dan Collins, an employee of KIKN 100.5 FM put WalMart to a test. A ‘Great Value’ brand ‘ice cream’ sandwich, of the popular WalMart in-house product line was left in the blazing sunlight for a total of one hour and fifteen minutes and DID NOT melt. The accompanying video clip documents this alarming fact.
The ‘ice cream’ sandwich was unwrapped, placed unaltered onto a plate, and left out in direct sunlight in order to discover what would happen to its consistency and supposedly edible constituents. We, as the purchasing public, should be readily alarmed at what DID NOT take place. Clearly, the ‘ice cream’ sandwich did not melt, dissolve, nor disintegrate. Not even after, for the purpose of the experiment, it had been placed on a plate with the hot sun beaming down for one and one quarter of an hour. Yuck.

Not surprisingly, McDonald’s ‘shakes’ do not melt, either. Really, for pretty much as long as they are in, perhaps even your, cup the ‘shakes,’ not milkshakes, mind you, retain their thick, non-melted consistency. Wondering why this is the case, a couple of scientists recently performed some research and discovered that a key ingredient in the Mickey D’s ‘shakes’ is something called, ‘infused plastic.’ Yes, people, plastic. Plastic of the ‘infused’ variety, what ever that means. Very likely, these ‘Great Value’ ‘ice cream’ sandwiches contain the same or similar ingredient. The way I was brought up, I have been taught, I believe correctly, that plastic is not, in fact, in any way edible. Apparently, both ‘Great Value’ foods and the Golden Arches disagree.


Vote for your foods’ contents and ingredients with your wallets and purses, ladies and gentlemen. Only through the organized power of the conscious spending of your hard-earned pay will these corporations eventually, and it may take a long time, come to understand that we, as the people at large, do not wish to be poisoned just in order for ‘them’ to maximize their profits.
Make sure that you do your internet research for your own health and well being. Refuse to grab up food items just because they happen to be 25 cents cheaper than some other less proven foods. It is just not worth it. Treat yourselves well, and maybe, possibly, these corporations will begin to understand that we’re not gluttons for punishment.