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Keep Your Eyes On The Truck Driver, He Purposely Crashes Into The White Car For THIS Heroic Reason

When I saw the video of a man driving a truck and intentionally crashing into a white car, I was completely astonished. But after I heard why, I would have done the same. When the video starts, you can hear a woman scream “Get out of the way!” as a car chase takes place in a children’s park, where little kids are seen playing and at the same time dodging the white car that is escaping from police. One man was at the park with his family and saw the whole thing, and when he noticed the white car was coming towards the park again, he jumped into his truck and crashed into the car to stop it. The man is a hero, but that’s not the end of the story. Watch what happened after he destroyed most of his truck trying to save the lives of innocent children.