Mom is recording the kids when she realizes something absolutely horrifying

Keeping children safe is extremely important. 

It seems as if there are hundreds of ways a child can fall prey to dangerous situations in the household, no matter how safe an environment we try to create. Here’s one thing you need to be aware about as it has to do directly with your child’s safety.

The Parent’s Fear.

It was a regular afternoon as the Walla family recorded their children’s activities; memories they would be able to review and relive in the future. Unfortunately, they ended up capturing something they did not expect. Window blinds present a potentially very dangerous situation as you are about to see. Little Gavin is being choked by the cord from the blinds. The camera drops and mother Nicky runs to the rescue.

Here’s the video. Parents should definitely watch this video for prevention purposes. Although intense, it is vital for parents to exactly see the dangers that exist and the importance of taking preventive measures to keep their own children safe.

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The Solution.

At the end of the day, cordless blinds should be the only form of blinds available, and the industry should take steps to stop producing dangerous blinds which have proven a thousand times over that children can and do choke and die from these. Parents should not have to worry about choking deaths from window blinds. This is an unnecessary worry among all the other dangers that this world presents for children.