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Mom Is Slapped By Her Disrespectful Son. What Happened Next? Terrible

Life can be affected negatively by the different forms of domestic abuse. Be it physical, mental or verbal abuse, they all have some negativity. This video is from “Brat Camp” – a segment covered by Dr. Phil.  Here, four families whom are not able to assure peace in their household by failing to control their children are invited. Wendy, who is not able to control her son, Noah of 12 years is one of them.

Once they are in the room, their assignment starts and the two begin exercising. They are supposed to share their upsetting behaviors while seated face-to-face. An argument starts once Wendy is accused by Noah of hitting him while they were on a plane to L.A. He slaps the mother and tells her to shut up. Not even Wendy believes that really happened!

The kind of disrespect which exists within the household is evident from the existent accusations. Once this experiment was over, it was reported that communication between the two has since then improved and their relationship is much healthier. Wendy is now a respected mum who is able to control her house smoothly.

I’m highly pleased with the kind of professional help the two have been offered though some may fail to notice the role it has played!